• Community

    Building new partnerships and meeting new people

    In the club's first formal survey in the summer of 2017, what members said they enjoyed most about their experience of the club was working with the people they met at debates and training workshops. This is critical to our success as members have to work together in groups and feel comfortable speaking in front of each other to make the best use of their time with us.


    Below are the different ways we build and nurture the community spirit of the club.

    Club Facebook group

    Exclusive to members

    In addition to the club mailing list, we have a dedicated Facebook group exclusive to members. Here, we post details of all debates and workshops, links to interesting articles, plus speaking and volunteering opportunities with our partner organisations. More importantly, it's a great way for members to connect and converse with each other on-line.

    Speaking opportunities

    First refusal for members

    Most speaking opportunities at the club come at our public debate series, 'Debating London'. But in 2017, we were also able to source numerous other opportunities with four of our members speaking in live televised debates, one leading a team of speakers to a debating festival in India, and many more visiting some of the other debate clubs in London we promote.

    Volunteering opportunities

    Member-led initiatives

    We are proud to connect our members to organisations who use debate to make a positive difference to the lives of others, such as education charity 'idebate' that helps young people in FE colleges to set up their own debate clubs, and 'Model Westminster' a charity run by one of our members that teaches young people how to get involved in politics and public life. Our most memorable project by far, though, remains Debate Camp Rwanda.

    Partnerships and collaborations

    Reaching new audiences

    The club frequently partners with and promotes organisations from across the world, whose aims and objective align closely with our own. These include: the Calcutta Debating Circle in India, the Ecole de Guerre in France, and Goodenough College here in the UK. In 2018, we look forward to our newest collaboration, a public debate series with think tank, Global Net 21 and education charity, the Ethical Society, hosted at Conway Hall.

    Club visits and social events

    Going out and having fun

    Being a member of the club isn't just about speaking in debates and going to training workshops - it also presents plenty of opportunities to have fun with the people you meet there. Together, we have visited the Houses of Parliament, attended talks recommended by other members, held election night parties, travelled to Eastbourne for the club's annual retreat, and then, of course, there is the annual Christmas dinner to end the year.