• Calendar

    Training workshops and public debates in 2018

    Each weekend training workshop includes a morning masterclass and mock debate in

    the afternoon, which is followed the next week by a public debate on the same topic.

    Training workshops

    13th January


    3rd February

    17th February


    3rd March

    17th March


    31st March

    14th April


    28th April

    12th May


    2nd June

    16th June


    30th June

    14th July


    28th July

    11th August


    1st September

    15th September


    29th September

    13th October


    3rd November

    17th November


    24th November

    (rehearsal for competition)


    No workshop before this debate

    Public debates

    17th January


    7th February

    21st February


    7th March

    21st March


    4th April

    18th April


    2nd May

    16th May


    6th June

    20th June


    4th July

    18th July


    August 1st

    15th August


    5th September

    19th September


    3rd October

    17th October


    7th November

    21st November


    1st December

    (Great Debaters Competition)


    5th December

  • Where to find us

    Venues of all training workshops and public debates

    Training workshops - the George Inn

    All training workshops are run on Saturdays and start at 11.00 am

    Public debates - the Tea House Theatre

    All public debates are held on Wednesdays and start at 7.00 pm

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