• 2020 programme

    Dates and details of what's coming up this year

  • 2020 debates

    Twice a month at the Tea House Theatre - FREE entry and open to all

    How they work

    Twice monthly free public debates where two teams go head to head to debate a topical issue dividing public opinion in front of a live audience. We then hold a public vote to see which side won and how many people changed their minds


    This is how the members of the training programme test and refine the skills they learn in training workshops, receiving one to one support before debates and a feedback summary after the debate on how to continue their development.

    How to take part

    Members and guest trainers can both take part in debates as speakers but must defend whatever position they are assigned, even if it is the opposite of what they believe. They can also chair debates or take part in the Q&A as spectators.


    Anyone can attend as an audience member and take part by putting questions and comments to the speakers during the Q&A, casting their vote to decide who wins, and sharing feedback after the debate on how they made up their minds.

  • 2020 debate schedule

    All debates take place at the Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall from 6.30 PM to 9.00 PM


    15th - 'state sponsored assassination is a legitimate military tactic' (motion defeated)


    5th - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    19th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    4th - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    18th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    1st - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    15th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    6th - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    20th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    3rd - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    17th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    1st - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    15th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    5th - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    19th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    2nd - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    16th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    7th - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    21st - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    4th - motion to be announced a week before the debate

    18th - motion to be announced a week before the debate


    2nd - motion to be announced a week before the debate

  • 2020 workshops

    Twice a month at the George - FREE for members (£50 for guests)

    How they work

    Twice monthly one-day training workshops, each of which focuses on one specific skill. There are seven workshops in total and we run each of them three times throughout the year, so if you miss one, you can always attend next time.


    In the morning , we cover the theory behind the techniques being taught, then run group exercises to embed them. In the afternoon, we put them into practice in quickfire debates that help us get used to thinking and speaking quickly on our feet.

    How to take part

    Members attend for free and have first refusal on all workshops. We do open them up to guests too, who can attend for £50 admission fee, but only if we have spaces available or new spaces are created by late cancellations.


    You don't need any experience - or even to have attended the first workshop in the series - to enjoy the benefits of training workshops. Everyone is actively encouraged to speak in the quickfire debates, but no one is forced if they are not ready.

  • 2020 workshop schedule

    All workshops take place at the George on the Strand from 11.00 AM to 4.30 PM

    Structuring logical arguments and refuting logical fallacies

    This workshop will be running on: 18th January, 9th May, 22nd August

    Why is that important? Defending your priorities under pressure

    This workshop will be running on: 8th February, 23rd May, 5th September

    Organising your arguments and getting to the point

    This workshop will be running on: 22nd February, 6th June, 19th September

    Debate strategy: knowing what to expect and how to respond

    This workshop will be running on: 7th March, 20th June, 10th October

    Knowing your audience and what they need to hear from you

    This workshop will be running on: 21st March, 4th July, 24th October

    Handling Q&A: how to survive and thrive under scrutiny

    This workshop will be running on: 4th April, 18th July, 7th November

    Guest trainer workshop: learn from other debating experts

    This workshop will be running on: 18th April, 8th August, 21st November

  • 2020 competition

    Saturday 5th December (venue tbc) - FREE entry and for members only

    How it works

    The club's annual competition where members put their skills to the ultimate test by speaking in three debates in one day with minimal preparation in front of a panel of expert judges.


    Split into two different events, the first is a 1-day round-robin tournament in which teams debate three times with the top two qualifying for the second part: the Grand Final in front of a live audience - and the club's last public debate of the year.

    How to take part

    The round-robin tournament is exclusive to members, who can take part by speaking in, chairing or helping to judge debates. They are also welcome to attend as spectators.

    The Grand Final is a public debate that is open to all. Audience members are encouraged, as in all of our public debates, to put their questions and comments to the speaker teams and ultimately decide the outcome in a public vote.

  • 2020 partnerships

    Weekday evenings in central London - FREE entry and for members only

    The Ideas Exchange

    Bringing together GDC members with RSA fellows for an evening of round-table discussions to inform the research of one of the country's most prominent think tanks. Facilitated by GDC members and hosted by the RSA Rawthmells Cafe.

    Mock Boardroom

    Bringing together GDC members with the London Chamber of the JCI, a global network for young entrepreneurs and innovators, to simulate the trials and pressure of boardroom discussions - presided over by senior company directors.

  • 2020 socials

    FREE entry for members (plus ones welcome too)

    Eastbourne retreat

    A weekend of training and debates by the sea in late October and a chance to meet new people from other speech & debate clubs from across London.

    Stand-up debating

    A new take on the summer social as we bring members together for a fusion of stand-up comedy and impromptu debates on weird and wonderful topics.

    Christmas dinner

    We take over the Tea House Theatre for Xmas dinner - of which we clearly need better photos so we don't have to pilfer ones of this year's birthday dinner.

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